Survival adventure game based on European Mythology

Code Alkonost

Twisty folklore tale beyond good and evil

Pre-alpha version footage

About Code Alkonost game

Code Alkonost is a first-person story-rich, atmospheric survival adventure game. The gameplay style is heavily focused on stealth and puzzle-solving. The game world is inspired by European mythology and the medieval era. The game protagonist is a young girl who goes through the stage of puberty where she discovers her abilities and life purpose. During her adventure, she will encounter possessive spirits and illusions, and decide the future of her sister and the world. 

Game atmosphere, story, and core gameplay should provide an emotional hook to the protagonist’s adventure and make players decide which path to follow based on in-game symbolism.

Code Alkonost Exclusive Showcase Presentation

Discover the dark mythological world

Game Concept Art and Visuals

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