Coming in 2024


Dark fantasy stories inspire the Code Alkonost world. The game will follow the story of a young woman searching for her sister through a forest and castles inspired by middle age historical monuments. During the campaign, players will solve puzzles, and encounter supernatural enemies, Also, she will learn how to use symbols and witchcraft to protect her from enemies.

The game will be available on major PC game digital download services. The first chapter of the game will be available in Q3 2024.

Game locations

● Forbidden Forest represents a location that connects a village to Lost Castle. According to legends, only a skilled mage warrior can exit the forest and enter the Nawia (Underworld).
● Lost Castle represents a location that was taken by underworld gods after battling with the Army of Light. The leader of a mage warrior sacrifices his soul to Morana and protect the Jawia (Human world). Afterward, the Castle was appropriated by the Nawia and the leader of a mage warrior was separated from the soul and locked in a dark dungeon.

Protagonist’s progress

As the game progress, protagonists will be better equipped and enemies more aggressive. Protagonists will meet NPCs inside the game like ghosts and other side characters.